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☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽

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☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ Empty ☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽

Post by Rora on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:53 am

☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ Oqj6hg

☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ 3236743

Name: Ariel Wildé.
Nickname: Wild, Ar, Air, Elly, Wilder, etc.
Gender: Female, or lady
Species: Grey Wolf.
Sub Species: 30% Timber, 50% European, and 20% Tundra.
Age: Three years exactly.
Family: Family Tree~
Friends: None yet...
Pack: True Freedom Pack
Rank: Chief/Chiefess/Founder/Admin

☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ 3236748

Build: Ariel is the same size as an average male, that is because of her long legs. She has a thin muzzle and tail, large ears and rather big paws. She is thin, but tall. These features help her survive this world.
Fur Texture: Quite thick on her rump, flank and back, while very silky and thin on her legs, face. Her tail has very long and fluffy fur, though.
Fur Colour: Her base is a creamy colour, her back and top of head is a grey-color, with browns and tans mixed in.
Eye Colour: It is a strange blue-green colour with flecks of grey, green, azure and honey.
Markings: Only the basic grey, cream, tan and brown timber wolf markings, but she does have a white tail tip.
Scars: Many around the flank, hidden by her fur.
Accessories: She can sometimes be seen with a flower or feather behind her ear.

☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ 3236749

Traits: She's a very laid back wolf, and enjoys the little things in life. She hates being forced to do something, and likes to do things at her own will. She can be very stubborn, and hates being corrected. But she has a thirst to learn more, and loves to explore the world. She's rarely a flirt, but she's very protective of her family and pack. She hates being in crowds, though, and is very shy when it comes to males. Overall, she is a fair leader, doing selfless acts for the pack even though her own nature goes against it, she is surprisingly wise for her age. She very loyal and brave, and will not leave someone behind!
History: Born on the sixteenth of June, a young pup awoke, blind and death in a den under the falls. Her pack's territory was the jungle-like woods, but the pack itself was only three members strong. Ariel's mother, Aqua, Ariel's father Tarzan, and Tarzan's father, Dire. Dire, Tarzan and Aqua taught Ariel well in the skills of leading, fighting and hunting. Fore she would need them very much, because she lived deeper inside planet earth. Her family were some of the last of a great pack that had split up over the ages. Ariel always dreamed to reunite her cousins to form a pack once more. So, at age two years she searched for them, this was no easy task. She spent days without food nor water nor rest. One day, she met a young male by the name Ero. Ariel enjoyed his company, but it was short lived as he soon fell to an unknown cause. He was well fed, well watered, well rested and quite healthy. Ariel had no choice but to move forward. Seven months had passed since she had left home, and only two since she saw her comrade fall. Ariel stumbled upon her old pack's scent, it was fresh. But mixed with it was the smell of blood and other wolves. Ariel rushed to it's source, seeing her own mother in the jaws of a giant dire wolf. She saw her father and grandpa fighting off the giant beasts. Enraged, Ariel used all her skills and strength to kill the beast that had murdered her mother. Blood spilt, Ariel was worn out, killing five of the larger wolves alone. Sadly, Tarzan and Dire had fallen with them, killed by the pack's alpha. Ariel growled at the wolf that was twice her size. "We don't have to fight you know!" The beast stared at Ariel and answered, "but this is our home now! We would not let it be kept by the lower species!" "Then this shall end with the spilling of bloods, and the death of one..." Ariel leapt at the creature, the fight lasted three hours. Lone grey wolf versus alpha dire wolf, though unlikely, Ariel's great stamina and energy saved her from death. Where as, the dire had allowed itself to be killed by Ariel, it had been suffering energy loss. After that Ariel continued to travel for another four months, alone, just surviving... Until she came to a new land, a prime territory for a wolf pack, with plenty prey... And many dangers...
Talents: Wisdom, humour, loyalty, bravery, spirit to never give in, hunting, fighting, etc.
Weaknesses: Blind in right eye, being reminded of her past, fear of fire, etc.
Likes: Star gazing, relaxing, males, flirting, respect, humour, learning, exploring, her pack/family.
Dislikes: Wolves that don't shut up, wolves without humour, disrespect, being forced to do something, being corrected, fire.
Hopes: To have a mate and plenty of pups
Fears: Fire, that her pack/family dies, that history would repeat itself, the sickness.
Genetic Skills: 40 Stamina, 60 Speed, 60 Strength, 40 Grace/Agility.

☾ ○ Ariel ♀ Wildé ○ ☽ 3236752

Vocal: She very clear, strong, leaderish tone. She also has a mixed accent, australian, canadian and american.
Languages: English, and some French.
Scent: She smells of the morning dew, with a earthy scent mixed
Fav. Colours: Brown, cream and olive
Fav. Animals: Owls, she admires all wisdom, mostly their's, and turtles, she admires how old they can live
Theme Songs: Poison - Every Rose Had It's Thorn, Owl City - Take To The Sky, Owl City - Fireflies, Ellie Goulding - Lights, Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen

Titles :: CoolText.com
Colour Coder :: TekTek.com
Picture Editor :: Picmonkey.com
Original Photos :: Dawnthieves.com


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Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
Mate : *Howls endlessly*
Crowns : 106

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