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Skills Guide

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Skills Guide

Post by Rora on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:18 am

Every skill effects a action. And there's always a action that effects a rank. It would be smart to read this before posting a bio. Doing more of the action that effects it will increase that skill, and if you do an action that effects a skills then you will do that action better. Makes sense?

There are Genetic Skills, the ones that you start off with. Speed, Stamina, Strength and Agility. And skills you must discover by doing actions. But if you up any of them you unlock actions, items, maps, etc. You are PMed these, just like if you find anything in RP.

(+/-NUMBER) = How much it effects per percent

Wisdom: Everything (+5), leading (+10), gaining skills (+10)

Stamina: Hunting (+5), fighting (+5), caring (+10), running (+10)

Speed: Hunting (+10), fighting (+5), caring (+5), healing (+5), running (+10)

Strength: Hunting (+5), fighting (+10), leading (+7)

Agility: Running (+10), hunting (+5), fighting (+5)

Stealth: Hunting (+5), fighting (+5), running (+5), spying (+22), stealing (+15)

Brewing: Goods making (+15), crafting (+5)

Gardening: Collecting (+15), gatherering (+5), goods making (+2), gardening (+25)

Crafting: Collecting (+15),  goods making (+15)

Tracking: Hunting (+15),  goods making (+15), collecting (+15), gathering (+15)

Healing: Caring (+10), healing (+25)

Canid Gender : Female
Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
Mate : *Howls endlessly*
Crowns : 106

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