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Canid Species

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Canid Species

Post by Rora on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:06 am

Genus - Species - Subspecies
Canids must be in the same genus to be able to breed with each other.


African Hunting Dog; Lycaon Pictus
  • Cape Wild Dog Lycaon Pictus Pictus Nominate Subspecies
  • East African Wild Dog Lycaon Pictus Lupinus


Grey Wolf; Canis Lupus
  • Eurasian Wolf Canis Lupus Lupus Nominate Subspecies
  • Tundra Wolf Canis Lupus Albus
  • Australian Dingo Canis Lupus Dingo
  • Arabian Wolf Canis Lupus Arabs
  • Arctic Wolf Canis Lupus Arctos
  • Mexican Wolf Canis Lupus Baileyi
  • Eastern Timber Wolf Canis Lupus Lycaon
  • Great Plains Wolf Canis Lupus Nubilus
  • Mackenzie Valley Wolf Canis Lupus Occidentalis
  • Yukon Wolf Canis Lupus Pambasileus

Coyote; Canis Latrans
  • Plains Coyote Canis Latrans Latrans Nominate Subspecies
  • Mexican Coyote Canis Latrans Cagottis
  • San Pedro Martir Coyote Canis Latrans Clepticus

Golden Jackal; Canis Aureus
  • Common Jackal Canis Aureus Aureus Nominate Subspecies
  • European Jackal Canis Aureus Moreoticus
  • Siamese Jackal Canis Aureus Cruesemanni
  • Serengeti Jackal Canis Aureus Bea
  • Syrian Jackal Canis Aureus Syriacus

Ethiopian Wolf; Canis Simensis
  • Northern Ethiopian Wolf Canis Simensis Simensis Nominate Subspecies
  • Eastern Ethiopian Wolf Canis Simensis Citernii

Red Wolf; Canis Rufus
  • Red Wolf Canis Rufus Rufus


Dhole; Cuon Alpinus
  • Common Dhole Cuon Alpinus Alpinus Nominate Subspecies
  • Tien Shan Dhole Cuon Alpinus Hesperius


Foxes; Vulpes
  • Red Fox Vulpes Vulpes
  • Arctic Fox Vulpes Lagopus
  • Fennec Fox Vulpes Zerda


Maned Wolf; Chrysocyon Brachyurus
  • Maned Wolf Chrysocyon Brachyurus Nominate Subspecies

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Canid Gender : Female
Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
Mate : *Howls endlessly*
Crowns : 106

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Post by Rora on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:29 am

[color=#ACB385][i]Genus - Species - Subspecies[/i][/color]
Canids must be in the same genus to be able to breed with each other.


[color=#544631][b]African Hunting Dog; [i]Lycaon Pictus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Cape Wild Dog [color=#ACB385][i]Lycaon Pictus Pictus[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]East African Wild Dog [color=#ACB385][i]Lycaon Pictus Lupinus[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Grey Wolf; [i]Canis Lupus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Eurasian Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Lupus[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]Tundra Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Albus[/i][/color]
[*]Australian Dingo [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Dingo[/i][/color]
[*]Arabian Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Arabs[/i][/color]
[*]Arctic Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Arctos[/i][/color]
[*]Mexican Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Baileyi[/i][/color]
[*]Eastern Timber Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Lycaon[/i][/color]
[*]Great Plains Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Nubilus[/i][/color]
[*]Mackenzie Valley Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Occidentalis[/i][/color]
[*]Yukon Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Lupus Pambasileus[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Coyote; [i]Canis Latrans[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Plains Coyote [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Latrans Latrans[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]Mexican Coyote [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Latrans Cagottis[/i][/color]
[*]San Pedro Martir Coyote [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Latrans Clepticus[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Golden Jackal; [i]Canis Aureus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Common Jackal [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Aureus Aureus[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]European Jackal [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Aureus Moreoticus[/i][/color]
[*]Siamese Jackal [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Aureus Cruesemanni[/i][/color]
[*]Serengeti Jackal [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Aureus Bea[/i][/color]
[*]Syrian Jackal [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Aureus Syriacus[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Ethiopian Wolf; [i]Canis Simensis[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Northern Ethiopian Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Simensis Simensis[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]Eastern Ethiopian Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Simensis Citernii[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Red Wolf; [i]Canis Rufus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Red Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Canis Rufus Rufus[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Dhole; [i]Cuon Alpinus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Common Dhole [color=#ACB385][i]Cuon Alpinus Alpinus[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color]
[*]Tien Shan Dhole [color=#ACB385][i]Cuon Alpinus Hesperius[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Foxes; [i]Vulpes[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Red Fox [color=#ACB385][i]Vulpes Vulpes[/i][/color]
[*]Arctic Fox [color=#ACB385][i]Vulpes Lagopus[/i][/color]
[*]Fennec Fox [color=#ACB385][i]Vulpes Zerda[/i][/color][/list]

[color=#544631][b]Maned Wolf; [i]Chrysocyon Brachyurus[/i][/b][/color]
[list][*]Maned Wolf [color=#ACB385][i]Chrysocyon Brachyurus[/i][/color] [color=#c99d57]Nominate Subspecies[/color][/list]

Canid Gender : Female
Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
Mate : *Howls endlessly*
Crowns : 106

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Fantasy Wolf Breeds

Post by Rora on Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:05 am

Akai Soah Desert Wolf Canis Lupus Eremus
A small desert-adapted wolf, standing between 26'' and 28'' inches and weighing around 40 lbs. The -- Wolf can easily be identified by it's beautiful colourfull marked dark russet to pale golden pelt and black tufted ears from which it earned the alias, "Lynx Wolf." Eremus has a generally small build, a short, sloped back, long, pointed ears and sharp features. Their short, thick fur is great for the warmer climates of Aurora and Sisen'eng from which they originate from, however no -- Wolf would survive the harsh winters of Fenaria.

Their ornate pelts provide the perfect camouflage in the Auroran scrub and mesa and Sisen'eng's desert plateaus. The -- Wolf tends to have a darker, richer colour on their backs with black tail and ear tips and dark "rainmarks" along their backs and tails. Most wolves tends to have a pale tan or off-white colour under their chins and underbellies, however a trait that all individuals of this species have is the white "collar" around their necks and dark markings around their golden or brown eyes. Click for temporary reference.

Among the small nomadic clans in which they dwell, females with the more colourful and marked pelts were the most sought-after by males, particularly young Chieftains. It is thought that this indicates a stronger linage of an ancient bloodline, and makes the individual more likely to produce a large, healthy litter.

Males and females tend to be of the same height, however males are slightly bulkier and heavier, and females tend to have longer ear tufts and cheek fur.

Artic Wolf Kinda Canis Lupus Nivalis
Originating in the tundras of  Draugnav, the broad-footed lithe wolves are well-known for their pale minimalistically marked pelts and incredible speeds of 43 mph due to their long muscular legs. Long, fine fur provides the best protection against the cold antarctic breezes. Typical eye colours of the subspecies are blue (common), yellow (common), green (uncommon), and lavender (rare). Coat colours range from pale grey, silver, tan, cream and white. Markings are rarely much darker than the base colour, most Nivalis only having a paler underside and slightly darker or more colouring points on their tails, ears and snouts. They are lighter and thinner than they are short, weighing around 30 lbs despite most being between 27'' and 33'' inches. Males are at generally two inches taller than females with much broader shoulders and shorter tails. Inwards facing ears of any shape, generally short, small or average sized..

Tiny Thing Plains Wolf Thing Canis Lupus idk
25'' - 27'' / 17 - 25 lbs. Females are generally taller than males by roughly half an inch.

Tundra Wolf Canis Lupus wat
Long bodies, generally stout builds and very thick, dense coats of average length. Very heavy and large, between 35'' - 38'' / 100 - 150 lbs. Dark grey, brown to light grey or tan pelts with white, tan and black markings.

Canid Gender : Female
Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
Mate : *Howls endlessly*
Crowns : 106

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Re: Canid Species

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