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Ranks And Their Duties

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Ranks And Their Duties Empty Ranks And Their Duties

Post by Rora on Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:46 am

The Court:

M O N A R C H || Monarchs, otherwise known as Kings or Queens, are the rulers over the Kingdoms. There is one (sometimes two) for each Kingdom. They lead the pack, and they are in charge of everything. Anything done or to be done is to be approved by them; They judge the rightful punishments for rule breakers and outlaws, they decide if a member should be promoted to a higher rank, and much more. These wolves are to be respected.

R O Y A L | A D V I S E R || Advisers are next to the Monarchs. If one is away, they will take over their job until they return. The duties of a Royal Adviser is similar to those of a Monarch, except they have less power in their say. If a Monarch has no Heir to their name, the first Adviser may take their place as a Monarch when they die. Royal Advisers assist Monarchs in running the Kingdoms. There can only be up to three Advisers per Monarch.

H E I R || Heirs are the pups or chosen young to be Monarch (or Royal Adviser) after the current ones. Heirs are most likely offspring of a Monarch, Royal Adviser, or an older Heir, possibly a relative to a Monarch, though sometimes Heirs are just wolves taken under the wing of a higher rank. Heirs may also help Monarchs and Royal Advisers with their duties, though their duty is to learn and to be leader when their time comes. There are normally one or two heirs to every Monarch.

S E N I O R || Seniors are older wolves, over the age of eight years, that aren't much use for anything anymore but their wisdom from past times. Seniors are elders that have retired from their old ranks.


G U A R D I A N || Guardians are the warriors and protectors of Roenkii and Velheritz. Their job is to fight and guard. They keep predators in check, and make sure no threats enter the Kingdoms. They can sometimes be seen guarding dens, pups, and higher ranks from who-knows-what. All Guardians are under the command of the head of Guardians, the Knight.

A G E N T || Agents are spies and scouts. They patrol the territory for threats and bring back news to the Guardians and Court. They sometimes go out of their territory to keep an eye on other packs and Dmitrians. All Agents are in charge of the head of Agents, the Monitor.

S L A Y E R || Slayers are the hunters and food suppliers to the Kingdoms. They are normally fairly fast wolves, with a knack for taking down prey, fishing, or scavenging. Slayers follow the head of Slayers, the Chasseur.

M E N D E R || Menders are the therapists and medics of the Kingdom. They are skilled in their knowledge of herbs and expertise in healing. When not tending a sick or sore member, they are collecting herbs and experimenting with new plants unique to The Land of Four Seasons. The leader of Menders is known as the Steward.

M E N T O R || Mentors are the teachers and trainers of not just newcomers, but pack members too. Some of them are masters of a particular skill, others are just there to get a member comfortable in the pack and teach them our customs. The Chaperone is the head of all Mentors.

M A I D || Maids, or Nursemaids, are the nannies and caretakers and teachers of pups. Their duty is to keep the pups out of trouble and to care for them while their parents are doing other duties in the pack. Some maids may take on some of the duties of a Mentor, and train the pups the basics of living in the wild, and the ways of the pack. The leader of Maids is the Matron.


T R A I N E E || A Trainee is a grown pup, but not quite an adult, under the age of two years but above one; a yearling. Trainees can start learning to hunt bigger prey and start training for a particular rank, thus the title of Trainee.

P U P || Pups are simply wolves under the age of one whole year. Pups may be born into the pack or adopted into a Kingdom as a lost pup or orphan. Pups aren't quite big enough to join hunts, but they can already start learning their technique and the history and laws of the Kingdoms.


J E S T E R || Jesters are the outcasts or lowly wolves in the pack, normally wolves that are generally useless from previous injuries, though sometimes just wolves that have broken just too many rules in the Kingdoms or just simply those who have not chosen a rank.

N E W C O M E R || Newcomers are wolves yet to get into a rank or join the Kingdoms.


D M I T R I A N || One of the last followers of the tyrant, Dmitry. These are rivals to the Kingdoms, and though few, they still pack a punch and are filled with fury against the Monarchs.

R O V E R S || Rovers are pack friends and visitors to the RP or site. They are not actual members, and do not plan to be. Rovers cannot RP in the Kingdom Grounds, nor can they join the pack unless they become a Newcomer.

© Ocean

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