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Don't Feed The Ghouls

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Don't Feed The Ghouls Empty Don't Feed The Ghouls

Post by Rora on Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:55 am

They warned us.

They said, "Whatever you do, don't go into the forest."

We didn't listen.

Heed my advice, newcomer.
Listen. Please.

'Twas nightfall on this day, casting the world into an ember glow that matched the falling leaves.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We were on our way home.

Their forms shimmered and flowed like silken ribbons, twirling in the air above us, their eyes empty and devoid of any life or emotion. Living corpses, barely recognisable of whom they once were.

What appeared to be some sort of liquid - tar, perhaps? - dripped from their orifices like black tears. Crimson stained their throats and underbellies. Their faces were permanently frozen in gruesome grins like those of masks with tongues lolled out or flickering, tasting our fear.

There were four creatures in total.

What little fur they had over their skeletal bodies was shimmering white and translucent. One of the hags turned to the leader of our group, whom was frozen in fear. It didn't revel in the reaction it got from us, it simply hummed what seemed to be language of some sort, though it never moved it's mouth. The words resonated around us, piercing our ears and invading our minds with pure hopelessness. "Heed our warning." It croaked, pausing to draw in a rattling breath that I could smell from where I stood. It pressed in close, leaning mere inches from our faces and  overwhelming us with the smell of sweaty socks and rotten fish. "Don't stray from the path."

It hummed quietly as it drew away slowly to return to it's sisters - children? Fellow hags? I couldn't tell you what they were.

Our heads collectively turned to our leader, but she remained utterly still and deathly silent. For a while no one spoke as our puny minds processed what was happening, and then someone screeched - I'm not sure whom - although no one seemed acknowledge it, or they couldn't hear it. Finally, someone worked up the courage to speak to the hag. Shame it was such a pathetic question. "...Why?" Asked Fenrir, more intrigued than frightened. Or perhaps that was scepticism I detected?

For a moment the creature's face unfroze, looking sorrowfully at us - as if in sympathy, before dissipating in a flash of sickly green light, silver powder falling to the ground at our feet. We looked around as if waking up from a trance: The creatures were gone, leaving us alone in the dark.

We continued on our way.

It was well after dark when we saw it, and we weren't quite sure what it was. It was as if our designated route had been lit up for us. The light didn't travel far, on all sides darkness marched off endlessly into the horizon. We didn't know  what to make of it, and instead decided to wait until morning to investigate... whatever it was.

Midnight fell upon us sooner than we would've expected, and despite what oddities we had experienced that evening we made camp under a hedgerow of overgrown hazels. The feeling in my stomach still hadn't subsided, but nonetheless I managed to get to sleep - a disturbed, fitful rest.

However, someone got no rest that night.

He couldn't sleep. He couldn't escape. It was slowly eating away at him.

Owls screeched in the distance, and a queer chittering awoke me from my sleep. I noticed that others were up and about too, despite it being far from daybreak. It appeared that someone had gone missing while everyone else had been sleeping. "Where's Fenrir?" Lexi was the first to notice.

We found him. asdkjfhaslkdfafgl

"Don't - Fen - please!" She cried, nose and eyes watering fiercely. She clawed at him, but he was too strong. He wouldn't be deterred. I think I remember sobbing, for my vision was blurred from the tears. I remember the others trying to pin their friend down, but he was determined. "Fenrir, old friend..." Aurora called, voice wavering, begging whatever had possessed him to let him be free. She searched his face for any sign that the wolf she had known for so long was still there. He looked back at her, frowning with an insane look in his eyes. She stifled a horrified gasp. His whole left side of his face was nothing but decaying muscle, the white gleam of his skull peeking through, the empty socket of his eye seemed to stare into our souls. I felt as if I could see the flames of the underworld itself when I looked into that empty pit.

And it was in that moment when I knew our friend was gone.

With all his strength - even with all of us piled upon him - he lunged into the darkness, taking all of us with him.

When we awoke we found ourselves in an inner sanctum, although we had no idea where we were exactly. It was as if we had stepped into another world entirely, where the hedges were lush and thick and grass a green carpet all around us. A spring babbled nearby, revealed by the dappled light that barely snuck through the canopy above. My comrades stirred, but Fenrir was still, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. "Where are we?" Night asked, a tone of wonder creeping into her voice. I can't say I was surprised when a voice answered our question - it had been a strange night.

"You are in the shrine of the Eternal Spring." A disembodied voice sang. "All whom drink are forever youthful and ever powerful. It can grant you the knowledge you desire."

We looked around for the source of the voice, but none was to be found, although a certain... disgusting smell wafted my way. "It has got to be a trap." Night whispered below her breath, although she seemed more to be trying to convince herself rather than warning anyone. Right then, Fenrir stirred, moaning like some undead beast. "What have you done to him?!" Someone asked - I'm not sure whom. The guardian of the spring seemed amused by their concern. "Worry not. He has done his job, bringing you here." Chaos stood forward - towards what, I'm not sure, for I doubted he could he the spirit - and spat a bloody wad of gunk. "Free us now - all of us!" The guardian only sneered, it's laughter eventually fading and leaving us alone in the silent grove.  

Not two seconds passed and Fenrir's eyelids - or, eyelid - flew open and he stood up abruptly. He looked at us for a second with a glazed-eyed look before turning to the spring. He wandered over to it, as if sleepwalking, and bent down to drink. "Don't-! Stop him!" Someone called, but no one found they could move. Time seemed to go in slow motion for the next few seconds, our bodies moving at half the speed we would expect. But then, all at once, time sped up again and we all were collapsing into the water together. I don't even know how we got there, but the next thing I knew we were drowning. The spring wasn't deep, but the water was almost sentient, pumping itself into our mouths and noses, forcing us to drink it.

The guardian hadn't lied. The minute the spring water made its way down our throats we became immortal. Oh yes, we became immortal alright. How else would I be able to tell you this story, my child? But the thing is... The water is cursed. We were cursed - are cursed.

And now there is nothing to be done.

You can't leave. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The beasts must be fed.

We tried to tell you . . .

I'm sorry.

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