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Chat and Forum Rules and Laws!

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Chat and Forum Rules and Laws! Empty Chat and Forum Rules and Laws!

Post by Rora on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:07 am

Follow all of these, if you don't just shall be punished depending on what you did wrong...

>No power playing!
>No Gary/Mary Sues! You must have two weaknesses and strengths at least!
>Respect all no matter who or what rank they are!
>No bullying other members!
>Act appropriately! Meaning no foul language or inappropriate content! This is an Family Friendly pack!
>Use grammar! Things like lol and brb are fine. Anything else is just a big no!
>Stay active! Please post on the site twice a week and on the WQ thread and in RP once a week!
>You must sign up on the site or else you will be deactivated!
>Keep semi realistic! Your wolf can have strange markings and eye and fur colors but no neons! Your wolf still can also speak and have emotions, though!
>All posts must be at least three words long, unless it's in the games & fun part of the forum or in the chat!
>All RP posts must be at least two sentences long. Nothing less!
>No double posting unless the admins or mods said so!
>Follow all rules!

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Canid Age : 3-5 years, adult
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